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Fees for Visas365 Customers
  • Type
  • Service
  • Consular Fee
  • Handling Fee
  • Total
  • Multi entry, up to 2 years
  • 72 hours
  • £140.00 + £11.00 VAT
  • £100.00 + £20.00 VAT
  • £271.00
  • Multi entry, up to 2 years
  • 48 hours
  • £165.00 + £13.00 VAT
  • £100.00 + £20.00 VAT
  • £298.00
1. Passport with at least 2 blank pages, and valid for a minimum of 6 months.

2. Photocopy of the passport's data page (the main page with all the personal information). If the photo is not on this page, a separate photocopy of the photo page must be included as well.

3. Completed Visa Application Form (see link below).

4. Completed Declaration Form.

5. 1 colour passport size photo (48mm x 33mm), taken against a light background in the last three months, which must be different from the photo in the current  passport. This must comply with the Chinese Visa Centre's Photo Specifications.

6. Photocopy of the most recent previous Chinese visa, if any. Copies of Hong Kong and Macau entry stamps are not required.

7. EITHER invitation from the Chinese Foreign Ministry or a 'Duly Authorised Unit', bearing its seal,
OR invitation letter from a trading partner (or to a trade fair etc) which -
a) includes information about the applicant, including their full name, gender, date of birth, nationality and passport number; and
b) includes details about the planned visit, including the specific purpose, arrival and departure dates, place(s) to be visited, any relationship between the companies concerned, and details of any financial support to be provided; and
c) includes information about the inviting party, including name, contact telephone number, address, and official stamp 2; and
d) is signed by the appropriate representative of the inviting party 3; and
e) is accompanied by a signed copy of the passport / ID card of the representative that signed the letter.
[ invitation letter template here ]

8. Completed Chinese Visa History Form.

9. FOR STAYS IN THE COUNTRY OF OVER 30 DAYS ONLY, detailed agenda to establish the necessity of length of stay.

10.  FOR APPLICANTS WHO ARE MEDIA-RELATED PROFESSIONALS OR WORKING FOR CHARITIES OR RELIGIOUS ORGANISATIONS (INC PRIESTS) ONLY, specific additional documents will be required - please contact us for the appropriate details.

1.   However, entry is permitted on this visa up to the last day of the passport's validity.
2.   This must be an official Chinese stamp - these are typically red, circular, and have Chinese writing around the outside with a star in the centre.
3.   If the signatory is Chinese, the letter must use the Chinese version of their name and they must sign in Chinese characters. A foreign name and a signature in western characters can only be used if that is the name in the signatory's passport, in which case a copy of the passport must also be included.
UK passport holders born outside the UK may be asked to apply in person.

Applicants who work in any form of media may find their applications subject to delay, with processing times potentially significantly longer than those displayed above.

At busy times there can be processing delays at the visa centre. In these circumstances applications on the 72 hour service may take an extra 1 or 2 days, as the 48 hour service will be prioritised.

Applications received after 9.00am can only be submitted the next day. For applications received on the morning of submission we charge a supplementary fee of £50.00 + VAT, in addition to the handling fees above.
Copies of all documents including the application form should be emailed to us the day before to be checked, and an appointment made with one of our consultants for the morning.
Please note that any applications brought or sent into our office in the morning without notice having been given the day before will very likely not be ready in time for submission. Where such applications are submitted, they are at a high risk of rejection by the visa centre as we will not have enough time to thoroughly check them.

The 48 hour service may not be available to some applicants born outside the UK. This is entirely at the discretion of the Chinese Visa Centre.

UK citizens with dual nationality should be aware that the Chinese consulate will only accept a visa application from a UK dual national on the UK passport. Frequent travellers with dual nationality cannot, therefore, use their non-UK passport as an additional passport for travel to China.

The above fees are fully inclusive, apart from the cost of returning your documents. Unless specifically requested otherwise in writing we will do so by Royal Mail Special Delivery without ‘consequential loss insurance’. Alternatively, should you wish to take out the ‘consequential loss insurance’ (up to £1000, £2500, £5000, £7500 or £10,000), or to use a different postal service or courier / shipping company altogether, please notify your visa consultant in writing or by email. There is, of course, no charge if the documents are collected from our office.
If you would like us to obtain the visa on your behalf, please -

1. EITHER contact us to request we complete your application form for an additional fee,
OR complete and sign the application form, which must be completed very carefully in accordance with the guidelines below, as corrections (crossing out, Tipp-ex etc) are not permitted. The form can be completed either on screen or by hand, but in either case any errors will require the entire page to be printed again.

2. Gather all the documentation together.

3. Contact us briefly.

4. Send us all the agreed documentation.

Our extensive experience will make sure your application proceeds as swiftly and reliably as possible.

However, should you prefer to apply directly to the Chinese authorities yourself, please contact your nearest Chinese Visa Service Centre.

Application Form Guidelines
 - Do not leave any fields blank. Enter "N/a" if there is no relevant answer.
 - Do not cross anything out or use Tipp-ex. If there are any mistakes the entire page must be re-done.
 - Print the form on one side of the page only. We will not accept applications printed on both sides.

1.7       If not applicable, enter "N/a".
1.8       City and country of birth must both be entered.
1.9       If you do not have one, enter "N/a" (no passport numbers, please!).
1.15     If you select “Company employee”, “Self-employed” or “Businessperson” please also write your job title below. If applying for a work visa, you must select 'Unemployed'.
1.17     If applying for a work visa, enter "N/a".
1.23     Please list at least one family member. If married, please list spouse.
2.1       Please confirm with your visa agent that you are making the appropriate selection.
2.4       This must match the first date at 2.6.
2.5       If applying for a work visa, enter "000" (zero zero zero).
2.6       Please check with your visa agent that this section is completed appropriately.
2.7       This must match what is specified on the invitation.
2.8       Please check with your visa agent that this section is completed appropriately.
2.9       Date and place of your last visa to China, or “N/a” if not applicable.
4.1       Applicant’s signature.

The visa application centre is closed on -

Mon 25 Dec
Tue 26 Dec
Mon 1 Jan

There are Chinese national holidays (closure unconfirmed) on -

Fri 16 Feb
Mon 19 Feb

Office open 7 days a week Monday to Friday. 8am to 6:30pm Weekends. 10am to 2pm

020 7554 3730

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