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Fees for Visas365 Customers
  • Type
  • Service
  • Consular Fee
  • Handling Fee
  • Total
  • Multi entry, up to 1 year
  • 48 hour
  • £132.73 + £3.95 VAT
  • £80.00 + £16.00 VAT
  • £232.68
The Indian Visa Centre operates an appointment scheme for all applications. After filling in the application form it is necessary to make an appointment, and we have to submit the application on the appointed date. If your application is urgent and there are no appointments available on the day you want, please contact us to discuss your options. We can usually help with last minute availability.

Please note the above information could change at any time.

1. Passport valid for a minimum of six months, with at least 2 blank pages.

2. 2 recent identical colour photos, 50mm x 50mm rather than the standard passport-type size. Most photo booths offer this option.

3. Completed application form (see link below).

4. Signed authorisation letter.

5. Completed declaration form.

6. FOR APPLICANTS WORKING AS media related professionals, charity workers, researchers, priests, doctors, teachers, commercial pilots/crew, in the police or armed forces ONLY -
Copy of letter from applicant's UK employer*, which must -
a) state the purpose of the visit, and
b) be on the letterhead of the company, and
c) be addressed to the High Commission of India, India House, Aldwych, London WC2B 4NA.
As in this case additional processing time will be required and an additional fee may be charged at the HCI's discretion, applicants are advised not to confirm their travel arrangements until the visa is granted.

* If self-employed, media related professionals must instead provide a letter stating that no professionally related activities will be undertaken during their stay in India.
To avoid any extra charge we need to receive your complete and correct documents by 5.10pm on the day before we submit. Applications received after this time, but still before 8.30am on the day we submit, can still be accepted but will incur an additional charge. Applications received after 8.30am can only be submitted the following day.

Collection times/days
48 hour service
Visa expected to be ready 4:30-5:30pm on the day shown below -
Mon Tues Wed Thurs Fri
Wed Thurs Fri Mon Tues

Applicants who work in any form of media may find their applications subject to delay, with processing times potentially significantly longer than those displayed above.

If either the applicant or their parents were born in Pakistan, Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka or China, extra documentation will be required as specified here. The processing time will also be considerably longer than shown above. Please contact us for further details.

The above fees are fully inclusive, apart from the cost of returning your documents. Unless specifically requested otherwise in writing we will do so by Royal Mail Special Delivery without ‘consequential loss insurance’. Alternatively, should you wish to take out the ‘consequential loss insurance’ (up to £1000, £2500, £5000, £7500 or £10,000), or to use a different postal service or courier / shipping company altogether, please notify your visa consultant in writing or by email. There is, of course, no charge if the documents are collected from our office. Visas are normally valid for 6 months, but can be issued for 1 year if a business visa has been issued previously.
If you would like us to obtain the visa on your behalf, please -

1. EITHER contact us to request we complete your application form for an additional fee,
OR complete the online application form carefully with the help of the notes below.  Please note that once the completed form has been generated it cannot be edited further, so if there are any mistakes the whole process will unfortunately have to be repeated as a new application. Once completed, please print the form out and sign it on both the first and last pages.

2. Gather all the documentation together.

3. Contact us briefly.

4. Send us all the agreed documentation.

Our extensive experience will make sure your application proceeds as swiftly and reliably as possible.

However, should you prefer to apply directly to the Indian authorities yourself, you can access their website here.


We recommend using a Windows PC (rather than an Apple Mac) with either Internet Explorer or Chrome.
You will also need Adobe Reader installed.
Please also note that once the completed form has been generated it cannot be edited further, so if there are any mistakes the whole process will unfortunately have to be repeated as a new application.

a) Please select UK-London as the Indian Mission.

b) Make a note of the Temporary Application ID when it is provided, in case it becomes necessary to finish completing the form at a later date.

c) Details will need to be provided of the applicant's passport, all countries visited in the last 10 years, and any previous Indian visas.

d) The name and address of a referee in the UK will need to be provided, as well as either
the name and address of a referee in India or details of hotel bookings.

e) Stop and check your application. Once you have reached the end of the application form you will be shown a summary of the data you have entered. Please double check all the information you have entered is correct as this is your last chance to edit the application before you finalise the online submission.

f) Whilst in the summery section you will be asked to upload your photo. Do not upload your photograph. This is not required. Simply include your two 50mm x 50mm photos when sending your completed application to us.

g)The system requires you to book an appointment for 48 hours service.

London- Goswell Road as the place of submission for early urgent applications 
Please book an appointment up until 11 am 

·You will need to select “IN PERSON” as the way of submission
·Select “Collect in person”
We can only submit on the day of the appointment (please allow time for the application to get to us if you are making use of the post office) If it is urgent and you cannot get an appointment we can do the visa as a SAME DAY. This is only available for business applications.
h) When the form is complete make a note of the Web reference number, as this will be required if you wish to print the form at a later date.

i) Please then print the form out and take care to sign it twice  once on the first page, and once on the second page.  Attach the appointment PDF to the application. We won’t be able to apply without this confirmation of appointment.  

Please note, once the completed form has been generated it cannot be edited. If you have made a mistake on the form, unfortunately you will need to repeat the whole process again as a new application.
The visa application centre is closed on -

Mon 25 Dec
Tue 26 Dec
Mon 1 Jan
Fri 26 Jan
Fri 2 Mar

Office open 7 days a week Monday to Friday. 8am to 6:30pm Weekends. 10am to 2pm

020 7554 3730

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