United Kingdom
Fees for Visas365 Customers
  • Type
  • Service
  • Consular Fee
  • Handling Fee
  • Total
  • Multi entry, 6/12 months
  • 6 working days
  • £457.00 + £12.00 VAT
  • £80.00 + £16.00 VAT
  • £565.00
  • Multi entry, 6/12 months
  • 48 hours
  • £515.33 + £23.67 VAT
  • £105.00 + £21.00 VAT
  • £665.00
  • Single entry, 3 months
  • 6 working days
  • £192.00 + £12.00 VAT
  • £80.00 + £16.00 VAT
  • £300.00
  • Single entry, 3 months
  • 48 hours
  • £250.33 + £23.67 VAT
  • £105.00 + £21.00 VAT
  • £400.00
From 14 Sep all visa applicants are required to attend the Nigerian Visa Centre in person to give fingerprints, by pre-booked appointment only.

If you want our courier to accompany you at the Visa Centre, the prices are: before 12pm - £150 + VAT, after 2pm - £100 + VAT.

Applications lodged after 11am at the counter take an extra day to process.

Please contact us for advice and further information.

1.  Passport, valid for a minimum of 6 months at the time of travel, with 2 blank facing pages.

2.  Printed copy of completed online application form (see link below), as well as its Application ID and Reference Number.

3.  2 passport type photos, taken within the last 6 months and attached to the application form. The back of each photo must have the applicant's name printed on it in capitals, and be signed by the applicant.

4.  Invitation letter from company/organisation in Nigeria, which must -
(a) be printed on letterheaded paper, and
(b) show the company/organisation's full address, and
(c) be addressed to the Nigeria High Commission, 9 Northumberland Ave, London WC2N 5BX, and
(d) be dated and signed by a senior member of staff, and
(e) state the reason for the visit, and
(f) accept full immigration responsibility for the visit.

5.  Letter from UK employer, which must -
(a) be printed on letterheaded paper, and
(b) show the company's full address, and
(c) be addressed to the Nigeria High Commission, 9 Northumberland Ave, London WC2N 5BX, and
(d) be dated and signed by a senior member of staff other than the applicant, and
(e) state the reason for the visit, making it clear that the purpose of the trip is for business meetings only and that no actual work will be undertaken, and
(f) accept full financial responsibility for the visit.
[ template here ]

6.  Business Visa Acknowledgement Form, signed and dated.

Self employed applicants must provide a letter stating this fact. They must also provide bank statement for last 3 months showing full name and address with £500 in credit.
A valid yellow fever certificate may be requested on entering Nigeria and all travellers are advised to carry one.

Please also note that health authorities recommend
travellers are vaccinated against cholera, and take appropriate measures to prevent malaria infection.

Applicants who work in any form of media may find their applications subject to delay, with processing times potentially significantly longer than those displayed above.

There may be some small variation from the Consular Fee shown above due to variation in exchange rates, as a significant part of the fee is paid in US dollars.

When applying for a multiple entry visa, please bear in mind that in certain circumstances this may be restricted to single entry at the High Commission's discretion, in which case the higher fee charged for the multiple entry application will not be refunded.

Applications cannot be withdrawn once they have been lodged.

Applications can only be lodged 45 days or less before to the date of travel.

The above fees are fully inclusive, apart from the cost of returning your documents. Unless specifically requested otherwise in writing we will do so by Royal Mail Special Delivery without ‘consequential loss insurance’. Alternatively, should you wish to take out the ‘consequential loss insurance’ (up to £1000, £2500, £5000, £7500 or £10,000), or to use a different postal service or courier / shipping company altogether, please notify your visa consultant in writing or by email. There is, of course, no charge if the documents are collected from our office.
If you would like us to obtain the visa on your behalf, please -

1. EITHER contact us to request we complete your application form for an additional fee,
OR complete and sign the online application form (but do not pay online) with the help of our Notes below.

2. Gather all the documentation together.

3. Contact us briefly.

4. Send us all the agreed documentation.

Our extensive experience will make sure your application proceeds as swiftly and reliably as possible.

However, should you prefer to apply directly to the Nigerian authorities yourself, you can access their website here.

On the first page, click Apply Online in the top right-hand menu.

On the next page, below the heading Visa at the top right, click Entry Visa Application Form.

On the next page, choose United Kingdom for Processing Country and click Start Application at the foot of the page.

You will then be asked to log in to an identification account with either Google, Yahoo, OpenID or Facebook (if you don't have one, click on OpenID to create one fairly simply and quickly, although after creating it you may have to start the form again with the link above).

After logging in to your identification account, you reach the form itself. Complete it, and print it out at the end of page 4. It's very important to make a note of the Application ID and Reference Number. After noting these and printing the form, please log out.

Please do not pay online, as this will make corrections to the form impossible.
The visa application centre is closed on -

Mon 25 Dec
Tue 26 Dec
Mon 1 Jan

Office open 7 days a week Monday to Friday. 8am to 6:30pm Weekends. 10am to 2pm

020 7554 3730

If you would like Visas365 to keep you informed of changes in visa regulations enter your details below.