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Fees for Visas365 Customers
  • Type
  • Service
  • Consular Fee
  • Handling Fee
  • Total
  • Double entry
  • 1 week
  • £145.00 + £6.40 VAT
  • £80.00 + £16.00 VAT
  • £247.40
  • Double entry
  • Next day
  • £263.00 + £7.60 VAT
  • £80.00 + £16.00 VAT
  • £366.60
  • Single entry
  • 1 week
  • £102.00 + £6.40 VAT
  • £80.00 + £16.00 VAT
  • £204.40
  • Single entry
  • Next day
  • £179.00 + £7.60 VAT
  • £80.00 + £16.00 VAT
  • £282.60

Please note that all applicants over the age of twelve are now required to provide their biometric data (ie. fingerprints) to the Russian Visa Centre. At present, there are no plans for an appointment system and applicants have to take their turn in the queue. Moreover, if there are any errors in the application form or any other documents, applicants will have to start the process all over again.
However, we are able to offer the following services to alleviate the inconvenience:

To provide the best assistance to our clients we have opened a help desk just around the corner from the Visa Centre in London EC1. Our handling fees now cover the following services -
a) Helping with the application form and checking that it has been completed entirely correctly before applicants attend the Visa Centre
b) Advising on the validity of all supporting documents
c) Providing any last minute assistance needed at the Visa Centre via our help desk
d) Collecting the passport when the visa is ready, to save clients a second visit to the centre
 Mobile Biometrics: for certain dates during the high season we have made arrangements with the Russian Visa Centre to bring their equipment to our Russian Visa Help Desk for fingerprints to be taken and documents checked without the need to attend the centre. We operate an appointments system during these periods thus eliminating the need to queue. This service costs £80 plus VAT in addition to the costs above. Please contact us for details.
Alternatively the visa centre will come to your home or office, for this they charge £300 plus VAT within the M25, and higher fees for outside it.

1.  Passport with at least 2 blank pages. The passport must be valid for another 6 months after the visa expires.

2.  Application form. (See link below)

3.  One recent passport size photo glued to the indicated space on the application form.

4.  Invitation made up of tourist voucher & tourist confirmation. These must come from a Russian Travel Agency or hotel and must state the passengers' names, the places to be visited, the dates of entry and exit, that all services are paid for and be signed by an authorised person. They must show the agency's or hotel's registration number with the Russian Foreign Ministry.

If you do not have an invitation (Tourist Confirmation + Tourist Voucher), we can provide one for an additional fee. These start at £50.00 + VAT.

Applicants who work in any form of media may find their applications subject to delay, with processing times potentially significantly longer than those displayed above.

The supplied photo must have been taken in the last 3 months.

If you were born in Russia, you must complete this additional form.

The above fees are fully inclusive, apart from the cost of returning your documents. Unless specifically requested otherwise in writing we will do so by Royal Mail Special Delivery without ‘consequential loss insurance’. Alternatively, should you wish to take out the ‘consequential loss insurance’ (up to £1000, £2500, £5000, £7500 or £10,000), or to use a different postal service or courier / shipping company altogether, please notify your visa consultant in writing or by email. There is, of course, no charge if the documents are collected from our office.
If you would like to use our services  please -

1. EITHER contact us to request we complete your application form for an additional fee,
OR complete and sign the online application form with the help of our Notes below. Please note that once printed out the answers in the form must not be altered by hand, or the application will be rejected.

2. Gather all the documentation together.

3. Contact us briefly.

4. Send us all the agreed documentation.

If you would like us to complete the form, we will ask you to bring or post your passport to our office at Whitfield Street. You can also scan and email all pages with entry stamps to us. We would then ask you to answer few questions regarding your address, employment etc.

After application form is completed, it would be then sent together with your passport to our other office which is located next to the Russian Visa Centre in Goswell Road. You can collect your documents from there.

Alternatively, if you arrive at our Whitfield Street office before 1pm, you would be able to attend the Russian Visa Centre the same day. Duration of journey from Whitfield to the Russian Visa Centre is approximately 20 minutes.

Our extensive experience will make sure your application proceeds as swiftly and reliably as possible.

However, should you prefer to apply directly to the Russian authorities yourself, you can access their website here.

Please note that since mid July a new online form which requires more personal information has been introduced for UK nationals only. Questions have been added on a range of topics that include the applicant's parents, children, current and former spouses, and social media accounts.

At the top of the first page select "UNITED KINGDOM", and then the language in which you would like the instructions to be displayed.

At  the bottom of the page tick the box I have read this information and click Complete new application form. It will open a new page with your application ID. Be sure to keep a record of the application ID as you will need it to retrieve/edit the form later, then click Next.

On the next page (Visa details), for Nationality select "UNITED KINGDOM" again. For Purpose of visit (section),  select “TOURISM” and choose the most appropriate one of the purposes offered below. Usually this will be "TOURISM" again, but if you are in any doubt please check with us. Enter the intended number of entries and arrival and departure dates, and click Next.

On the next page (Personal details), complete the questions and continue.

On the next page (Passport details), for Type of passport select “ordinary” and for Issued by enter the issuing authority as specified in your passport (usually in the bottom right corner). For UK passports, some examples are "UKPA", "IPS" or "FCO". Continue to the next page.

On the next page (Visit details), for Which institution you are going to visit select "Travel company". Enter the name and address of the host travel company in Russia. The Reference number (usually 6 digits starting with 00 ie. 000245) and the Confirmation number can both be found on the voucher issued by the Russian travel company. Complete the Itinerary (places of visit) and other questions on the page, and click Next.

On the next page (Additional information), complete the questions and continue.

On the next page (Last visit details), please list all other countries visited in the last 10 years up to the maximum permitted, as this will be checked and the application rejected if the list is inaccurate or incomplete. Similarly, please list all previous Russian visits in the last 10 years up to the maximum permitted, as this will also be checked and the application rejected if the list is inaccurate or incomplete. Then list any previous British passports and continue.

On the next page (Miscellaneous Information), complete the questions about the applicant's parents, address and work. If the selection for Type of Job is "NOT WORKING", a covering letter should be attached to the application explaining why this is. Complete the subsequent questions about finances, relatives, children and residence permits. For the last question, Do you have a social network account, enter any accounts such as Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram etc that the applicant may have.

On the next page (Appointments details), for Select the location where you will be applying for your visa please select  "Visa Application Centre VFS UK (London)", and continue.

On the next page (Visa details), there is an opportunity to review all the entered information and edit any parts that may not be correct or complete. When satisfied all the details are correct, click Save and submit.

On the next page (Application successfully completed), click on Print A4. Whether you download the pdf file first or not, the application should now be printed and signed. When signing the form, it is very important that the applicant's signature closely matches the one in their passport - if it does not, there is a high likelihood that the application will be rejected. It is also very important that the printed answers in the form must not be altered by hand - if they are, the application will again be rejected.
The visa application centre is closed on -

Mon 25 Dec
Mon 1 Jan - Mon 8 Jan (inc)
Fri 23 Feb

Office open 7 days a week Monday to Friday. 8am to 6:30pm Weekends. 10am to 2pm

020 7554 3730

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